Here's What Other People Are Saying About The Mr. Mysterrio Show...

"One of our customers, who is gennerally a little picky to say the least, was so mesmerized by your magic that he completely forgot to complain. if he comes in next Friday, can I call you?"
Joshua Silberman
General Manager, Regal's Bistro

"Hey Mark, you were great! Our patient appreciation day was a grand sucess with your wonderful program. Mr. Mysterrio don't forget our next party on June 18th. It just woulden't be the same without you!
Dr. Sharon Gorman
Gorman Chiropractic

"Your say no to drugs show workd so well with the DARE Car Cruses we run, everyone comes back just to see your show. The kids love it and the parents are amazed at how much the kids remembered about saying no to drugs."
Marc Boorstein
Owner, Pocono Happy Days