Important Information About Mysterrio, Magic And How He Can Help make Your Meetings and Events More Impressive, Fun and Exciting...

Mr.Mysterrio has a proven track record as a Professional Magician. He was trained by the incomparable Harry Albacker of Pittsburg, Pa, and Mysterrio was best friends with Cozmic Louie and Faye until their deaths. Mysterrio has been performing magic as a full time Professional for over 17 Years. Magic is his life and his love.

More than just an Entertainer, Mr.Mysterrio combines his experience inMagic,  motivational speaking, sales training and marketing to create unique Magic presentations. Mark Mysterrio also designs Magic programs to fulfill the needs of the corporate and small business community, as well as, your intimate gathering. Mysterrio's genial nature and learning through fun Magic approch keeps everyone interested and happy. Mysterrio's exceptional style of presentation of magic appeals to all ages.

The Mr. Mysterrio Show!


"We Create Unforgettable Magic Events With Entertainment That is Guaranteed To Keep Everyone Happy!"